Removal of uncomfortable matted fur



A style to suit your breed of dog


Teeth cleaning

Gentle removal of built up plaque and tarter


Ear cleaning

Removal of wax & debris


K9 Facials

Blueberry & Oatmeal facials

Wash & Blow

Classic wash & blow dry for your dog



SHED-LESS Treatment


Tick removal

Repellent shampoo treatment


Shampoo & Skin care

The right shampoo for your dog



Distribution of natural oils

Hand Stripping

Stripping blade & chalk for terrier coats


Nail clipping

Nail trimming


Flea removal

Spot on & repellent shampoo treatment


Cat Grooming

Clipping, lion cuts, boots, or a general wash and brush & condition

All dogs need grooming


Few new dog owners understand the grooming needs of a dog and the benefits to both the dog and the owner of regular dog grooming in Surrey. Dogs are pack animals and in the wild they would groom each other regularly, to help maintain the health of their coat. Domestic dogs although no longer in a pack environment still need to be groomed on a regular basis.


There are big benefits to grooming your dog, but to do it properly takes time, practice, and can be very messy. As a result many owners prefer to have their dogs professionally groomed.


Different breeds have different needs


The type of grooming required and the frequency of grooming varies depending on the breed of your dog. Long haired dogs need the most grooming, particularly as the seasons change. But even short haired breeds have regular grooming requirements. If you have any questions about the frequency that your dog needs grooming, please contact me and I'd be happy to have a chat with you about the needs of your dog's breed.

I use Wildwash products

Flossies Local dog walking services


Dog-Trotters - Godalming based

The 'Puppy Club' special offer (3-5 months old)


I offer two ten minute puppy settling in sessions, aged between 3-5 months. I will introduce them to the sights, smells a gentle brush and of course myself. This must be booked at least 24hrs in advance.


The session is found to work a lot better if the owner is not in sight, so your new puppy absorbs fully this new environment, so you are kindly asked to pop back after the session is finished.



I will not de-matt a dog unless I can get the matts out in a reasonable amount of time. I will not spend more than 1/2 an hour de-matting them, as It hurts! Plain and simple! Thank goodness for the Les Pooche brush!



Wash & Blow

A good wash. Your pet will receive a therapeutic skin massage which helps to loosen for the removal all of that dead hair that usually ends up on your floor around your home! Your dog will then be bathed in a in lovely warm water bath with our carefully selected products. I use a professional hydraulic table, from the bespoke made to measure company 'Mutneys', which goes down to floor level, this helps elderly dogs and supports up to 13 stone.


A nice blow dry. Drying is a combination of towel drying, followed by warm air fluff drying, some breeds also benefit from a high velocity blaster which I blow-out both before and after the bath in order to remove loose and dead coat leaving it gleaming.





I regard my grooming brushes almost like magic wands. By using the best brush for your dog's coat, and brushing him before and after his bath, i deliver a top-notch result that makes you smile. Maintain your dog's good looks at home by sticking to a regular brushing schedule. Brushing distributes beneficial oils through his coat, helps remove dirt from his skin and discourages troublesome and painful mats.





A style to suit your breed of dog.


The details of clipping among breeds may differ but in general they are as follows:


- Square styled terriers (Airedale, Fox, Lakeland and Welsh): the head should have a straight flat appearance, lower jaw is decorated with a small wedge-shaped beard, a narrow shaved stripe is possible, as well as small eyebrows. On ears, bottom of neck and hind part of hips the coat is very close to skin. Legs should be shaped as posts. Hocks are well pronounced. Sometimes lower thighs stay shortly feathered giving the dog a decorative tint.


- For short-legged terriers, like Scottish, Sealyham, West Highland White and Cairn, the trim is characterised by a skirt, which is about going down to the ground. The head is shaped according to breed. For instance, in Scottish Terrier the head is emphasised as elongated by doing moustache and beard, beetling brows and small "horns" in front of pointed ears. On the contrary, in West Highland White Terrier the head shape is tended to be shown as round as possible, topped with pointed ears.


- In schnauzers the principle is the same as in wire terriers. The most typical feature in their trim style is the fringe, resembling a cap peak. It may be a complete triangle or separated in two above each eyebrow.



Nail clipping


Vets are very good at clipping dogs claws, but a visit can be costly if all you are going there for is to have them look at your dogs nails. Clipping dogs nails can be done by Charlie's K9 angels.


Part of looking after your dog’s well being and health you need to consider occasional dog nail clipping. Nails generally speaking will wear down naturally with regular walking on hard surfaces. However sometimes they don’t wear naturally (due to the breed, where and how often they are walked...many different reasons) and so dog nails may need to be cut by a professional.


This makes sure that dog nails are kept to a reasonable length. Dog’s also have what is known a ‘dew claw’ and these, if left, can curl under and grow back in on itself, untouched it will actually start to grow into the pad. This should be avoided and prevented at all costs.


If dog nails are kept in trim the 'kwik' (which is the nerve inside) will reduce in length thus keeping the nail shorter. regular walking on hard surfaces will wear them down, but you will still need to keep an eye on the dew claw as this won’t wear down as part of everyday dog walking.


In addition, clipping dogs nails yourself may not be a good idea unless you are very confident and have the right equipment. When clipping dogs claws you have to be careful that you don’t cut the ‘kwik’ as it will bleed quite a lot considering its size! This is ideally best left to people who provide professional dog care services as they have experience with this sort of thing, and also the remedy on hand should the nerve be nipped.



Teeth cleaning


Doggy breath, no one likes it! We can give your furry friend’s teeth a brush to help prevent plaque, tartar and gingivitis, all of which can cause bad breath and tooth problems. This is something that should be being done at least once a week and if you would like us to show you the best way to do this please ask.



Tick removal


With reports of Ticks increasing in the UK and our apparent warmer climate, there are lot more cases of these little blighters.


These blood sucking parasites are unpleasant for your dogs (and you if you’re really unlucky) and can lead to diseases such as Lyme and Borrelia.


The trickiest things about removing them are that their head and mouth parts can break away from their body and stay in your dog which will then lead to more discomfort, irritation and possible infection requiring antibiotics.


I'm happy do it as part of your Full Groom or if you need some removing in between appointments. Tick repellent shampoo treatment is available.



Flea removal


Flea removal consists of medicated flea bath and 'Spot On' treatment and includes the use of flea repellent shampoo.



Ear cleaning (Free with ANY treatment)


We humans have horizontal ear canals, but dogs are more of an L shaped canal which makes it easier for bacteria build up leading to infections or dog ear problems. We offer an ear cleaning service which includes a trim around the ears to ensure proper air flow where required and cleaned out using a natural dog ear cleaning product.


Free Ear cleaning is included in the price of ANY treatment I give to your pet dog.



Shampoo & clean


The pH of your dog’s skin is 7.5, where as human skin is 5.5 using the correctly formulated dog shampoo is very important and will improve the health of the skin and increase natural oils. I use professional grooming salon dog shampoos and coat conditioners depending on coat type, condition of their skin and many other factors are taken into consideration, but not every coat will benefit from conditioning.


I use anti-bacterial/anti-fungal shampoos. These shampoos will also benefit if your dog has dry flaky skin.



FURminator SHED-LESS Treatment


A Premium Groom or Bath and up to 30 minutes of brushing with the FURminator tool. An amazing process that dramatically reduces shedding!



K9 Facials


Natural facials consisting of Blueberry & Oatmeal.



Hand Stripping


Helps free up and remove dead undercoat. The use of stripping blade and chalk for terrier coats, etc.



Cat Grooming


Clipping, lion cuts, boots, or a general wash and brush & condition.


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- De-matting

- Wash & Blow

- Clipping & stripping

- Nail Clipping

- Skin care

- Flea removal

- FURminator

- plus more




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