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When I check in your pet sometimes it is difficult to tell if there are fleas present until I get the animal wet. So I would appreciate it if you would tell us if you suspect your pet needs flea treatment before coming in. I do flea comb every pet when checking in and talking with our clients. You will get a phone call first if I didn't notice a problem when checking in before it is just added onto your bill. I take a lot of pride in my shop and keeping it clean and free of fleas is a must! I know not all Salons take these steps to prevent your pet from bringing home fleas. I feel it is worth it as a pet owner myself to do so and charge accordingly. I have to take the extra time to sanitise everything after a flea infested pet has come in and make sure it is kept separately from the other animals. Extra flea bathing and combing out of the fleas takes time and time is money as I all know.


Flea Medication Treatment


I have available different topical flea medications as well to apply for you after their groom session. I personally like 'Frontline Plus' and 'Spot On' the best. It is safe to apply after giving flea treatment bath for the fleas that run and hide in the ears, nose and come out later this will kill off the rest of them!



A Responsibility for your Dog


Another thing that people don't know is that they must also be responsible for treating the environment the pet lives in. You need to go out and buy some really good VET type fleas bombs or call out Flea Busters type company to treat your home while the pet is getting groomed is a great time to do this. I can only take care of part of your flea problem you need to do the rest at home and in the yard (grass spraying if necessary). Wash the pets bedding, your bedding, spray behind the doors, empty the vacuum bag and toss after vacuuming. This is a lot of work but well worth getting a handle on before you have a real problem.



Keeping Products Handy


Keeping a topical flea product on your pet such as 'Frontline Plus' monthly is the way to go!! I always have Dog & Cat single doses for sale here for your convenience. I highly recommend stopping in a Vet Hospital or Clinic and purchasing their flea bombs over any store bought type products. Spending a few extra ££ on the better ones is well worth it in the end as they will do the job properly and keep the fleas off of your pets!



My Own 'Flea' Policy


I have developed this new FLEA POLICY because I want to keep the cleanest Groom shop in Surrey!! and I want you to have a piece of mind that your pets won't be bring home fleas from our shop at all! I personally took my dog last year to a groomers, my dog got fleas from the experience and I don’t want my customers feeling how i did. 'I won't go back there again', etc, and so on. This is something I don't want happening here at all.


Also I use only natural flea type products here such as shampoos and stuff. No harsh flea dips are used at all.... They are very harmful to your pet and their skin. The 'Spot On' or 'Frontline Plus' is enough after using a gentle natural flea shampoo.



Below is a little more information on the nasty little critters called FLEAS!


Most fleas that you see on your pet are in the adult stage. What you don't see are the thousands of eggs a single adult flea can produce.


An adult female flea can lay up to 2,000 eggs in her lifetime which will be bothering your pet as adults soon.



For the home


Combating a flea infestation in the home takes patience as for every flea found on an animal there are many more developing in the home. A spot-on insecticide, such as Advantage, Frontline or Revolution will kill the fleas on the pet and in turn the pet itself will be a roving flea trap and mop up newly hatched fleas. The environment should be treated with a fogger or spray insecticide containing an insect growth regulator, such as pyriproxyfen or methoprene to kill eggs and pupae, which are quite resistant against insecticides. Frequent vacuuming is also helpful, but you must immediately dispose of the vacuum bag afterwards.



Life Cycle of the Flea

Fleas can be a problem because they reproduce so rapidly. A single female flea may produce up to 2,000 eggs over her lifetime. Eggs hatch and can develop into adults within only three weeks. Adult female fleas feed by ingesting blood from your pet and subsequently lay eggs, which drop off your pet’s coat. Within days, larvae hatch from the eggs and live undetected in your pet’s surroundings, such as the carpet, bedding and other protected areas. Flea larvae spin a cocoon, and, when appropriately stimulated, a young adult flea emerges and jumps onto your pet to continue the life cycle.


Fact: Did you know that a Flea can jump half the length of a football field? Gross huh! Time to get rid of them!


Thank-you for your understanding and I'm hoping that reading this you will feel even more confident when picking me as your pets groomer. I really do care and want the best for all of my clients and their loved pets.





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